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Corporate Events


When your company is planning a special function, milestone celebration, new product introduction, open house, employee picnic or any event requiring an experienced hand for equipment, entertainment, catering or more to accomplish your objectives and create a successful event, please call on us for assistance.

If you need complete planning or only specific items, we can provide anything necessary to take you from the planning stage to a coordinated, memorable event. Let’s talk about your plans, past experience and what you envision for your event. Please call on our staff to learn how our services can help you.

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Spirit Builders

Our clients agree that the common denominator of the most successful companies is belief in the power of the high performance group and the ability to create it. Our spirit building events exemplify how your staff members are able to unite their strengths to create such a group. A selection of energizing activities will provide the fuel for this metamorphosis from individuals to a peak performance group.

Under our guidance, your staff members will be separated into squads to engage in collaborative problem solving, strategic planning, interesting games and even physical challenges. Our activities’ foremost goal is training the group to overcome individual weaknesses by using the assorted strengths of the participants in their squad, thereby making them recognize and utilize the benefits of partnering and supporting each other. A strong learning point is emphasized as each is inspired to look at a problem and possible solutions through the eyes of others.


By motivating people to optimum performance as group players, CA makes them better aware of the strength offered by being part of a collaborative group. Experiencing the journey and achieving this new awareness provides a bonding and spirit building event for your staff. We invite you to call on us to answer your questions and discuss your concerns.


Morale Builders

Improve productivity by elevating spirits to overcome hard work and long days.

Put the sunny smiles back on everyone’s face and make them glow with energetic attitudes by planning individual programs or regularly scheduled “Pick Me Up” events, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Spirit Builders
  • Rollicking Relays
  • exciting equipment for lunch hour fun
  • a Day at the Derby
  • themed events
  • challenging creative games
  • an off site photo scavenger hunt at a nearby mall
  • relaxing crafts
  • physical challenge games
  • table games (foosball, pool, table hockey)

Scatter morale builders throughout the year and see your employees planning their vacations around these unique activities. We can adapt any selection to fit your time, location or sound parameters. We encourage you to elevate enthusiasm, build excitement and stir up the energy level with morale builders that sizzle with fun, howls, cheering and healthy belly laughs. Call today to learn more about improving morale at your company.


Constructive Activities

We’ll provide all the supplies, separate your participants into construction crews and give each crew the same construction assignment. No hammers, no nails, no saws- just carefully chosen “building” supplies packed and ready for each crew, typically items you’d find in a home or office. Every crew will be encouraged to expand their thinking, use their inventiveness and call on their imagination when looking through their supplies, reading the assignment, creating a plan of action and constructing the type of object discussed in the assignment. Powered by a spirit of fun, our moderator will draw out the laughter, enhance the enjoyment and encourage the excitement among your participants.

Imagine the fun, energy, camaraderie and creativeness generated by an awesome constructive activity for your office staff, warehouse workers or sales reps! Think about the ways this powerful energizer can work for you when combined with a meeting, new product introduction, acknowledgement of achievement or as a stand alone special event. Envision everyone working together, stretching their thought process and contributing clever ideas.

Allow us to bring your group a unique experience of beneficial and entertaining constructive activities. We've designed specific “construction” projects that are sure winners for your participants. Constructive Activities will boost morale and uplift spirits while encouraging cooperativeness, kindness and understanding within your workplace. Select constructive activities that benefit both the employees and the employer — call today for complete information.


Picnic Rentals

Chicago Picnic Rentals | Party Rentals Chicago IL | Event Rental | Tent Rental. Whether you are planning a backyard party, fundraiser, corporate picnic or a wedding. Celebration Authority Has It! Clowning Around and Celebration Authority is the unmatched picnic king!

Our plentiful BBQs and coordination capabilities include everything necessary to lift the complete burden from your back with everything down to the plates! Offering numerous menu selections, and able to provide custom menus as well, we’ll match your needs at a price that’s sensible. If you savor the taste of carnival fun foods, we also have these tempting treats to make your picnic a knock-out success. When your guests are ready for fun, they’ll love our fabulous amusements, games and entertainment, too! Call on us for everything or just what you need to complete your plans.

If you’re preparing your own food or have already selected a food vendor, we’ll be happy to work alongside them to provide the entertainment and fun that adds excitement to your picnic. We’ve happily worked with dozens of Chicagoland’s picnic caterers to provide unforgettable picnic productions with every guest taking home a full tummy, a happy smile and wonderful memories!