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High Striker, Sparky the Dog

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Sparky the Dog High Striker Carnival Game Rentals — A Carnival Classic!
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Kids love hitting things. Let them try their strength and skill on the Sparky the Dog High Striker. Similar to our other 11’ tall High Striker, Sparky the Dog High Striker is made just for the kids. Rent Dog High Striker Carnival Game at your next party or event. They will Love it.

At 6 feet tall, Sparky provides lots of fun for youngsters wanting to show off their “Kid Muscle” power. Young challengers can step up to Sparky, take the mallet in hand and whack the lever with lots of “heave, ho” to make the bell ring! This is the kid’s version of the Carnival Hi-Striker, a traditional favorite.

Do you remember the excitement of being challenged to try the High Striker at carnivals, fairs and circuses? Now you can bring that fun to your guests when they lift the oversized mallet and swing it down on the playing pad to test their strength and ring the bell. Kids love Sparky the Fire Dog! This low striker is specially designed for kids age 4-10 years old.

Dimensions: 6' high
Electric Needs: None
Suggested Age Group: 4 - 10

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