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Gladiator Joust

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Gladiator JoustRentalsA Competitive Game Rental! Gladiator Joust Rentals at celebrationauthority.com

One of our most exciting and popular rental items, the inflatable gladiator joust is a crowd pleaser at every special event. Gladiators armed with a padded jousting pole and wearing headgear are perched high above an inflatable jousting ring. The two contestants battle it out to see who the last warrior standing is. Gladiator Joust can be rented for indoor events or outdoor events and comes with a professional event staff member for safety.

 Celebration Authority’s Gladiator Joust is a pro quality Inflatable Rental, perfect for summer picnics, Festivals, Outdoor events, Family Reunions, Birthday Parties, Carnivals, Summer Parties, Block Parties and much more!

 Dimensions: L28’xW16’xH12’ 

Age Group: It is recommended for all ages.

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