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Design Lab - Custom Keepsakes

Design Lab - Custom Keepsakes


Design lab puts your guests in creative control! Everyone gets to design their own custom keepsake! T-Shirts, Hats, Dog Tags, License Plates, Headbands, Street Signs, and Water Bottles are just a few of the popular items that we can provide at your event. You pick the item; your guests get to design it!

With our state of the art printing equipment your guests will get professionally printed products that they help design, right there on site!

Our designers will work with you to create a couple of custom background options prior to your event. Pre designed backgrounds may include the date of your event, theme, or even a custom logo. Once at your event, guests will pick from your backgrounds and customize it by adding their name, special phrase, or maybe even a picture! Within minutes, each guest will have a special customized keepsake from your event.

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