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Cow Milking Contest Game

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Cow Milking Contest Game Rentals — A Farmer’s Favourite Carnival Game Rental! Carnival Game Rentals at celebrationauthority.com

Celebration Authority’s Cow Milking Contest is a hilarious and FUN carnival game for guests. Challengers will step up to a pair of cows to do their best job at milking. Each player has a milking stool and a cow with milk (white colored water for safety) for this laugh filled “hand to hand” challenge. The first to finish is the winner. City slickers and country folk will enjoy this activity!

Celebration Authority’s Cow Milking Contest Game is a pro quality Carnival Game Rental, perfect for Carnivals, Birthday Parties, Western Themed Parties, Competitive Special Accusations, Picnics, School Fundraisers, and much more.

Dimensions: 8' L x 8' W x 8' H
Age Group: It is recommended for all ages!


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