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Boom Blasters Game

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Boom Blaster SlideRentalsA Interactive Game Rental! Game Rentals at celebrationauthority.com

Boom Blaster is an explosive and exciting group activity perfect for any outdoor summer event. When planning a event, Boom Blaster is sure to detonate fun! Four competitors pump their balloons full of air to maximum capacity and watch the balloons burst. The first person to burst their balloon wins. This game is a real blast for adults and kids, indoors or out, all year round.

Celebration Authority’s Boom Blaster is a pro quality Game Rental, perfect for Summer picnics, Festivals, Outdoor events, Family Reunions, Birthday Parties, Carnivals, Summer Parties, Block Parties, carnival midways, fun fairs and more!

Dimensions: L10’xH12’ 

Age Group: It is recommended for all ages.

Includes: 4 blasting pumps, 4 detonators, and balloons.

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