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Armchair Quarterback

Armchair Quarterback

It's time to get off the couch and into the armchair for some real action!  prednisone dosage for dogs with addisons

Bungee Bull

Bungee Bull Ride Rentals — An Interactive Bungee Bull Ride Rental! Mechanical Bull Ride Rentals at celebrationauthority.com zoloft drug

Celebration Authority loves to add a twist to typical entertainment rentals, like our Bungee Bull. Our bungee bull involves 5 players instead of one. It requires one fierce rider and four other guests to maneuver.

Mechanical Bull Ride

Mechanical Bull Ride

The Mechanical Bull is a party favorite. All ages from 3 years to 70 can enjoy the experience of mechanical bull riding regardless of ability. Our operator can control the speed and movement of the ride to provide gentle rocking up to full speed action. Included with the rental of the Mechanical Bull, are an inflatable air-mattress surrounding, and an operator. Great for cowboy/Old West theme parties.

Mechanical Surfboard

Mechanical Surfboard

You can almost smell the beach and feel the sand after riding our Mechanical Surfboard simulator. 

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