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Bands and Live Shows

Exotic Animal Show
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Celebration Authority's professional animal staff conducts a fascinating Exotic Animal Show for guests of all ages.

Balloon Twister
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Balloon Twisters are a magical enhancement to any special event.

Country Western Bands
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Our country and western bands are available to match the needs of your special event. 

Reptile Show
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Our expert will bring along a variety of unique animals, talk about them, answer questions and offer guests the opportunity to touch them. 


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Guests love when you rent a caricaturist for your next event. 

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Our magicians, all well trained in sleight of hand, will amaze, amuse and befuddle you with their wonderful illusions. 

Glitter Tattoo Technicians
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The temporary Tattoo that sparkles!!  Glitter tattoos are always a huge hit for any event.

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Name Doodlers
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Renting a Name Doodler for special events is a great way to provide lasting memories of a good time. 

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Face Painting and Temporary Tattoo Artist
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Our professional face painters and tattoo artists are a hit with guests when planning carnivals, fun fairs, school events, community events, parades, picnics, birthday parties and more. 

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Renting a mime for special event is a classic form of entertainment and is a crowd pleaser! 

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Steel Bands
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Steel bands are available to match the needs of your special event. 


Celebration Authority can help you select the perfect music for your special event. 

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Renting a juggler for your special event is a great way to entertain guests for any occasion. 

bPuppet Show
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The best puppet show for rent! Celebration Authority’s affordable children’s puppet shows are professionally executed and fun for all guests. 

Dixieland Band
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This can be a 3 or 4 piece strolling band or stationary group. 

Celebration Authority will help you select the best magician for rent. 

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Our artists can apply 12-15 henna tattoos hourly. 

Air Brush Face Painters
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Renting an airbrush face painter for a summer picnic or special event is a popular choice for large and small celebrations with children. 

Elvis Show
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Elvis is waiting in the wings to entertain your guests! He will need electric for his sound system, of course. 

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